Exciting Tips For Using Tile Sizes To Your Advantage

Exciting Tips For Using Tile Sizes To Your Advantage

The use of tiles adds luxury and appeal to any interior design. Today, there is a variety of tile designs, shapes, trends, formats, and patterns available that would make great additions to the décor of your home. You can add dimension, uniqueness, and character to an area of your house by including trendy tiles in it. You can create a blend with various sizes, shapes, layouts, pop-up colors, or borders to define any space. You can create millions of designer looks by using the same tiles in various formats.

Here are some exciting tips for using tile sizes to your advantage. Let’s check them out!

Pick Larger Tiles for a Bigger Appearance

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Larger tiles have the potential to trick the eyes and make a small room appear bigger. Therefore, it is always recommended to pick larger tiles for small rooms. This is achieved by fewer grout lines in the room, making the room seem bigger than it is. You must have observed the use of broad tiles in the narrow walkways between the butcher block and the basic countertop of a kitchen. This is done to make the narrow kitchen walkways look broad and the kitchen look wider. One thing that you must consider while selecting large tiles for a small room is the choice of the pattern or design of the tile. The design of the tile must be wide and more bright colors must be used in it to make a room look broader. Large-format tiles make the floor appear more streamlined and help in creating the illusion of more space. This tip goes well with the wall tiles too. If you are choosing wall tiles for a small room, then nothing must stop you from selecting the same broad-textured tiles for it. The illusion works equally well here and the room will appear wider.

Go for Broad Textured Tiles for Large Rooms

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The world’s renowned interior designers recommend using broad textured tiles for large rooms as they look even more appealing. There are a number of wide-format tile designs to pick for the floor of a large room. You can freely choose among the size, color scheme, design, pattern, and layout of the tiles once you are not on a mission to make a room appear larger. The interior design of a large room looks even more aesthetically appealing when the floor has a smoother surface and fewer grout lines.

Get a Streamlined look for Small Rooms with Tiny Tiles

Tiny tiles can improve the flow of small floor plans when the spacing between the kitchen walkways, sink, toilet, cabinets, and other kitchen and bathroom fixtures is compact. Small tiles like mosaic tiles require little to no cutting and ultimately result in a more streamlined look.

Add Depth and Texture with Plank Tiles

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Wood-look plank tiles are loved by home décor devotees across the world due to the warm and cozy touch they add to any interior design. Plank tiles go truly well with any home décor style be it minimalist, Scandinavian, modern farmhouse décor, or any other. The look of a minimalist home design can easily be enhanced with the use of plank tiles. These linear tiles come in 9 x 36-inch planks and a variety of designs, textures, and colors to add warmth and character to any interior design. You can also include stone planks in brick-joint, corridor, and herringbone patterns to give your floor a contemporary twist.

Tile Size and Shape Will Impact a Room

The size of tiles can significantly affect the feel of your space and when you choose the right size and shape of a tile, it can make smaller spaces appear bigger and help define larger areas. Therefore, look into some basic tips before you decide on tile size and shape. Instead of choosing a common tile design, you can add depth and interest to your space by picking a unique tile shape or pattern. You can make a narrow space appear wider with the use of diagonal tiles. Similarly, you can define a wide space or room by including a border of contrasting rectangular-shaped tiles. You can also create unique specialty designs by choosing mosaic tile shapes such as arabesque tiles. Moreover, you can also use any of these different shapes of tiles in a strip to create your own attractive accent walls or to simply offset traditional square tiles to add a more modern look to your home interior.  

Pick Larger Tile for Floors

The tile size of the floor affects the overall appearance of any room. You can play with various tile formats and designs if the area of a room is large enough. There are a number of design options available to install tiles in a large room. You can go for large size tiles or rely on plank tiles to occupy the floor. Even when you are picking tiles for a small room, you can choose larger tiles for the floor. In a small room, fewer grout lines work well by avoiding frequent visual interruptions that the repeated grout lines may cause. However, you can style the other surfaces of your home with tiles of any size or shape. You can either pick small tiles for the walls, kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways or just mix and match small and medium-sized tiles to create a visually engaging design. You can include small square tiles or mosaics in the backsplash of your kitchen. Or you may go for plank tiles for the kitchen walkways to add character to them.

Mix Basic and Complex Shapes

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Squares and rectangles are the most common shapes for floor tiles that are used by people across the globe. However, there are a number of contemporary tile styles and designs that come with the potential to take the entire interior design of your house to the next level. There are lots of linear and plank tiles to install, from long, short, wide, and narrow dimensions. The use of rectangular tiles on the floor adds an illusion to it and makes the small rooms appear larger than they actually are. Similarly, you add a visual impact to any room by adding the tiles vertically. This can make the ceiling of the room appear higher than it actually is.

Keep Textures in Mind while considering Tile Size

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There is a visible difference between a dull and boring home and one with a luxurious touch of textures. An aesthetically appealing home design is rich in texture as it adds definition and prevents your home from looking flat and monotonous. Apart from furniture and accessories, you can add texture to your home with fixtures and finishes. You can add a rugged touch to an interior with textured glazed porcelain tiles or add a timeless charm to it with glass mosaic tiles.

Use Small Textured Tiles for the Kitchen Backsplash

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You can add life to a dull and obsolete kitchen simply by altering those outdated tiles in the backsplash. You can pick small textured tiles for your kitchen backsplash and it would simply uplift the entire interior design of your kitchen. There are a variety of options available to choose from but the world’s top interior designers prefer to go for small tiles for this section of your kitchen.

The Bottom Line

Tiles come in a variety of designs and styles and can be used with imagination to create an appealing expression. You can now rely on various 3D, 4D, or 5D tools to make the most interesting tile formats for any area of your house. You can also choose between colors, designs, sizes, and layouts while using any of these tools. It helps you make better choices and reduces the cost of renovation or redesign. Moreover, you can also present your 3D design to your tile supplier to give them a visual representation of what you expect from them. You can also follow your style inspirations while picking the tile designs by freely making the right choices. If you want to incorporate a modern farmhouse design into your house and wish to include a fire mantle with wood-like tiles, you can freely take advice from your vendor. You can talk about the right type and color of tiles that must occupy the boundaries of your fire mantle. You can also create a minimalist or ultramodern setting by playing with different formats and patterns for different surfaces of your house. Hence, you can achieve any home décor style that you wish and the tile designs and style would follow the theme without looking alien to the rest of the interior design of the house.