Patterned Floor Tile Ideas for Any Space

Patterned Floor Tile Ideas for Any Space

Patterned tiles can add a stunning look to any space—be it residential or commercial. The aesthetically appealing patterns and fascinating color combinations add luxury to any space. These tiles are made of porcelain which makes them highly durable and appealing to the eye. Patterned tiles make the interior design of a space sleek and sophisticated. 

There are hundreds of reasons why you must go for patterned floor tiles. Here are the most important ones! 

Reasons to Choose Patterned Floor Tiles 

Breaks the Monotony 

Patterned tiles add unique design features to a space. They break the monotony and make it more interesting. Patterned tiles can add more appeal to a small bathroom floor. 

Adds an Aesthetic Appeal to the Space

Patterned tiles can transform the look of any room with their designer accents. They come in a variety of designs, styles, shapes, sizes, and patterns. Their shapes can be hexagons or squares. There is also a wide range of colors, including navy, golden, beige, yellow, grey, pale orange, blue, brown, green, mixed cold, mix warm, and black and white. They also come in a range of patterns. 

Creates a Focal Point Within A Space

No matter how well the interior design of a space looks, the luxury of patterned tiles is unbeatable. You can include these tiles in any room including the living room, bathroom, kitchen, and entryway. They create a focal point within any space.

Pulls the Space Together

Patterned tiles also work best in large rooms or commercial spaces to pull the space together. You can also use them on the walls to create harmony in an interior design. By installing patterned tiles, you can save money by not investing thousands of dollars in precious area rugs, wall décor accessories, or antique decorative accessories to add decor to a residential or commercial space.

Ideas to Spice up a Space With Patterned Floor Tiles

Create Subspaces with Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles can be used to create subspaces within large rooms. You can vertically use patterned tiles on the floor of a wide kitchen—along the countertop, while the rest of the flooring may be done with plain tiles in contrast color to create a subspace.

Patterned Tiles

Design a Fascinating Entrance in Your Hallway

Patterned tiles work best for the entryways of your space in comparison to marble or porcelain tiles. Paired with lush green plants, these tiles create a warm and welcoming environment to cheer up everyone with their unique design features. Choose the color scheme that attracts you the most to leave an exciting first impression on your friends and family.

Use Patterned Tiles to Improve the Outdoors

Patterned tiles are not confined to indoor use. You can utilize these tiles outdoors to add style and luxury to your space. They can be used in the poolside, outdoor patio, or garden design to create fascinating designs. Patterned tiles come in a variety of patterns and color combinations; you can design a calming garden design using these tiles. A pathway on your lawn or leading to your lawn creates appeal. Both will look equally astounding. 

Moreover, these patterned tiles can be used in commercial spaces such as restaurants, cafés, bakeries, bars, hotel lobbies, reception, hotel rooms, cosmetic stores, commercial kitchens and restrooms. You can use these tiles on walls in an appealing way, following the interior design theme of your space. 

Housatonic – Porcelain with Mixed Warm Tones

Cotta Collection - Porcelain





Transform your Living Space

Patterned tiles can alter the look of your living spaces. You can use these tiles to create an accent wall within your living room. They can also be used in certain proportions to add a designer touch to a space. You can use them on walls as well as floors, depending on the way you want to style your space. When you’re using patterned tiles, you must keep the rest of the décor simple to let them run the show and to avoid overdoing it. They create a contemporary feel within your interior design if you pair it up with minimalist elements.

Alter the Look of Your Fireplace 

If you’re renovating your space, patterned tiles can be used to remodel your fire mantle. You can install them to your fireplace or fire mantle and see the magic. It will create a focal point within your living room. You can add even more appeal by bringing lush green indoor plants to it. 

Add Appeal to a Small Bathroom

Small spaces can also give you a little opportunity for interior design. Patterned tiles in a small bathroom can boost the décor. You can create a perfect minimalist effect using black and white, while the rest of the elements remain white with some black accents. Make sure you leave more of the floor free to make the bathroom appear wider. Wall-mounted toilets and sinks work best for small bathrooms with patterned tiles. Moreover, you can use a range of color schemes that go well with the interior design style and color palette of your house. 

Mix Warm

Mix Cold

Bottom Line

Patterned tiles are the hottest pick by interior designers and home décor devotees. These tiles are equally popular for commercial spaces due to the energetic vibe they add to an interior. You can include them in your space using any of these ideas. So, just pick one and add life to those dull and clinical interiors today!