6 Marble & Natural Stone Tile Ideas For a Modern Look

6 Marble & Natural Stone Tile Ideas For a Modern Look

Sometimes, all it takes to make a home go from looking good to absolutely stunning is using the right material. We strongly believe introducing natural stone tile to your humble abode will help you do just that. 

As the name suggests, natural stone tile is a type of tile cut from stone blocks quarried out of Earth. It is as natural as it gets, and that’s an amazing thing to own in an era of homes stuffed with synthetic items. 

In this article, we will look at 6 gorgeous design ideas that make use of natural stone tile.

3 Reasons to Choose Natural Stone Tile

1. Durable 

Perhaps the best reason to use natural stone tile is its incredible durability against chipping and cracking. After all, these tiles are formed under the harshest climate conditions found anywhere in the world.  

One thing is important — not all stones are created equally. Some natural stones are stronger than other types, such as granite and basalt.

2. Increases the Resale Value of Homes

If you have plans to sell your house, it’s a great idea to invest in natural stone tiles as they increase the resale value of homes, like hardwood flooring. 

This is because stone and wood come straight from mother earth. They are less replaceable than something that is manufactured in a factory.

3. Elegant 

There is something indescribable about the beauty of natural stone tiles. They feel unique, in fact, they are unique. Each tile quarried out of Earth has veining that won’t be found on any other tile. 

No one can mass produce this level of unique design. It’s no coincidence all the top hotels in the world invest large sums of money into acquiring these stones. They look ridiculously elegant. 

6 Ways to Style Natural Stone Tile

  1. Add a Touch of Grain

    Alavana White - Granite

One of the best ways to add interest to any setting is by creating some contrast. You can see this is usually done through a mismatch of colors and geometric shapes. 

If you’re looking for more ideas to create contrast, look no further than the Alavana White granite tile. The grainy patterns of this tile work great against the starkness of white walls. You can even use it as an outdoor tile around the pool for a luxurious swimming experience.

  1. Go All Bling

Casafina - Oval Marble and Metal Mosaic

The decade of the 2010s saw major interest in the interior design philosophy of minimalism. Taking influence from Scandinavian simplicity and Japanese functionality, the designs focused more on a “less is more” approach. 

In this decade, we see a callback to more expressive and visually striking designs. To hop on the trend, why not try the Casafina Oval Marble and Metal Mosaic? This tile creates a bling-like aesthetic that is the perfect backdrop for eclectic cocktail parties. 

  1. Try a Dramatic Look

Brandenburg Black - Granite

Let’s suppose you like the simplicity of minimalist designs but want to make a statement with an expressive design. Should you compromise and just choose one approach? Not when you can get Brandenburg Black granite.

This tile is prized for its all-black dramatic look. We’ve seen it used as a countertop material for art-deco-inspired kitchens, flooring for contemporary-styled restaurants, and even on the walls of luxurious bathrooms. It’s a fine way to go bold without going overboard.

  1. Introduce Flowers in Bathrooms

Casafina - Daisy Flower Marble Mosaic

Often, rooms can look too much like bricks and cement layered together in a quasi-sophisticated manner. They lack elements that bring a sense of nature to the space. The Daisy Flower Marble from the Casafina series aims to change that. 

Designed using a monochromatic color scheme, this tile creates an innocent look without appearing loud, unlike some of the floral designs common in the French country style. It works great for small spaces like bathrooms and storage rooms that lack space for real and faux plants. 

  1. Embrace Your Inner Gatsby

Casafina - Hexagon Black and White Marble Mosaic

If your heart yearns for the finer things in life, any design inspired by the interior design style of art deco will match your aesthetic. Art deco, characterized by non-traditional patterns like geometric shapes, began during the roaring 20s with the sole purpose of oozing luxury as the US entered its jazz age.

Our Hexagon Black and White Marble Mosaic tile from the Casafina series pays homage to this style with a black hexagonal pattern that makes a bold statement wherever it’s used. This is yet another tile option that looks perfect for fancy cocktail parties. 

  1. Make a Rustic-Modern Vibe 

Washington Mist - Granite

The best part about the world of interior design is there are no rules. Sure, there are certain things most people can do to make their design look more balanced, but the industry’s core mantra is to allow the freedom to design however you like. 

Using this philosophy, we’ve designed the Washington Mist granite tile. Ideal for those that want the best of modern colors without missing the opportunity to pair it with rustic elements. You can use this tile on walls or as a flooring material; it will look just right in all situations.

The Possibilities are Endless

Although the design ideas shown in this article are a sure-fire way to get a space that looks and feels like something straight out of HGTV, feel free to take inspiration from them and come up with your own designs. Ultimately, the possibilities are endless.

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