Kitchen Backsplash Ideas For White Cabinets

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas For White Cabinets

White cabinets, in either your home or a commercial space create a beautiful foundation with timeless and sophisticated appeal. There is a reason that white remains one of the most popular color choices for cabinets. With its versatility and classic feel, it matches virtually any other color of home decor. And as for backsplashes that it will elegantly complement, the options are endless as well. 

When deciding on which backsplash to use to enhance your white cabinets, you may want to consider what color scheme you desire. Are you aiming for more of a monochromatic, neutral look, sticking to a palette of white, grey, and beige? Perhaps you want a subdued look for your cabinets, but would love your backsplash to feature a bold color that will vividly pop against a more neutral background. There are limitless options of styles for backsplashes to consider as well from those that lend a sleek and modern look to your space to those that feel rustic, welcoming and homey. Remember to have fun with this and choose styles that speak to your personal aesthetic.

We will explore some of our favorite styles of backsplashes to enhance white cabinets in today’s blog.

Vibrant Color Mix Glazed Porcelain Tile 

For a fun twist on a classic style porcelain backsplash, this glazed tile boasts a vibrant mosaic of neutral tones mixed with pops of bright, cerulean blue and lime green. The design will create a light-hearted and playful feel with a beachy, oceanic vibe to your space, perfect for either a kitchen or bathroom.

Glistening Stardust Mosaic

Are you seeking a more attention-getting look with subtle sparkle? We love this eye-catching backsplash with its glimmering, luminous finish that will beautifully enhance your space, while creating a stunning focal point. This mosaic tile backsplash features a mix of transparent hues, with pops of brilliant gold and silver that lend a glamorous appeal to your space that will work perfectly in either a bathroom or a kitchen. 


A stellar option for a commercial space, this neutral-toned tile backsplash may look subdued at first glance, but creates a sharp, trendy and sophisticated look with its clean lines and nuanced hues. While this image doesn’t feature white cabinets, and instead a white countertop with a natural wood finish cabinet, this tile design would elegantly enhance solid white cabinets as well. Creating such a strong and striking focal point, it is also a perfect choice for your bathroom or kitchen and can even be used to adorn the entire wall. 

Preppy Blue Herringbone 

Maybe you would like more of an All-American look for your space. This vivid backsplash idea creates such a fun and convivial ambiance, while retaining a polished and refined appeal. This backsplash from our Palms Collection features a modern, preppy herringbone design with a pop of vibrant blue that will beautifully accent the clean lines of white cabinets. This choice of backsplash tile feels both fresh and relevant, lending an energized and spirited feel to your space to breathe life into either your bathroom or kitchen.