Kitchen Backsplash Ideas For Dark Cabinets

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas For Dark Cabinets

Dark cabinets continue to be an extremely popular option for either a home or a commercial space, creating a beautiful and elegant foundation. As opposed to the airy and crisp feel of lighter colored cabinets, dark cabinets create a luxurious ambiance with a more refined and formal appeal. While darker cabinets are still very versatile and will complement many other styles of home decor as well as choices of backsplashes, they do require a bit more knowledge of design to ensure they can work perfectly in your space. 

With their effortless sophistication and neutral tones, darker cabinets will elegantly complement a wide variety of different types, styles and colors of backsplashes. Consider the color scheme you desire for your space. Are you interested in creating a more monochromatic color theme with hues of black, brown, grey and beige? A more neutral color scheme lends itself beautifully to a more traditionally styled kitchen or bathroom. Or are you aiming for a more contemporary aesthetic with splashes of bold color to complement an earthy and subdued backdrop? It depends on the atmosphere you want to create in your space. Remember to have fun when choosing your backsplash to complement your cabinets and choose styles, tones and textures that capture your personal aesthetic. 

 Let’s take a closer look at some of our favorite styles of backsplashes to enhance the beauty of dark colored cabinets. 

Yuki Border

At first glance, these porcelain styles may seem subdued in their styling, but their simple, yet unique and sophisticated elegance makes them a wonderful complement to darker colored cabinets. It can be tricky to know how to enhance dark cabinets as they can appear to close in a space or make it seem less spacious when they are styled incorrectly. With their smaller size, these porcelain tiles will help you avoid this problem entirely, helping to maximize the space in your kitchen or bathroom. Their crisp white color is also the perfect palette against darker colored cabinets, creating a striking contrast of color. However, they are also guaranteed to match beautifully with any other color of cabinets. 

White tiles also offer a wealth of other benefits, pairing well with any color of grout. You may wish to contrast the porcelain tile with lighter colored grout such as white or off-white. In this case, the black-toned grout creates eye-catching contrast against the white tile. If your cabinets are not black, you may also choose to match the grout color to your cabinets, as well.

As shown, these tiles are vertical in their design creating depth and dimension to a living or commercial space. As horizontal tiles are a more common choice such as the typical subway style tile design, these vertical-lined tiles are a unique and modern option that will beautifully elevate your space. 


Our sleek and chic Palms-Grigio tiles are a perfect choice if you want to add an element of quiet sophistication to either your kitchen or a commercial space. With their neutral grey tones, and subtle glossy shine, they will add a touch of modern design to your room and are an ideal backdrop for other more boldly styled or vibrantly colored accents. These tiles will complement darker toned cabinets, as well as a monochromatic color scheme very well if you choose to stick with more neutral and earthy tones for your space. If you desire a more contemporary design, pops of vivid accent colors will contrast beautifully against the grey background. Another thing to note is that these tiles are rather long in length, so installing them into your space will be relatively easier and faster than that of smaller sized tiles. 


Bold, bright and eye-catching, our Palms-Rosso porcelain tiles instantly add a dash of contemporary cool to your space with a stunning pop of color. These striking tiles are an ideal option if you want your backsplash to be the focal point of the room. Even though these tiles are in a backsplash and don't cover an entire wall, with their vibrant color they are likely to be the first thing people will notice as they enter your space,Therefore, you should look at this choice of tile as if it were creating an accent wall in your space. 

As you can see in the image, the saturated red tone of these tiles is a natural complement to the sleek and modern look of stainless steel appliances. Darker colored cabinets will create stunning contrast against the vibrant red backdrop. One thing to keep in mind when choosing a vivid colored centerpiece such as these red tiles, is that if you want to add other items to the space that are the same color, you need to be careful to choose the right shade to complement the boldly colored focal point or they may clash. 

Again, these tiles are larger sized which will facilitate easier and quicker installation into your space. 

City 2.0-Romano Greige

Perhaps you are looking for a backsplash that will create a statement, but isn’t too bold in its color and design that it becomes a focal point of the room. These gorgeous tiles are a perfect choice for a space that either epitomizes a modern or traditional aesthetic. Evoking the beauty of marble, and reminiscent of travertine with its natural-looking, almost fossilized texture, these tiles will infuse your space with an air of grandiose luxury and classic elegance. Featuring neutral tones throughout its grain, it will beautifully complement the rich and earthy hues of darker colored cabinets, but will also pair well with any other color of cabinets as well.

Keep in mind when choosing the look of marble for your backsplash, if you seek a natural stone look for your countertop, the two may clash against each other. This style of backsplash would work best with solid colored countertops such as slate quartz, soap stone or even stainless steel for a modern and industrial look.

For these tiles, you have the option of choosing either a honed or polished finish. If you desire a lustrous, more eye-catching look, you will enjoy the polished finish. The honed finish will have a more matte and subtle finish.