6 Great Porcelain Fireplace Ideas

6 Great Porcelain Fireplace Ideas

A fireplace is an elegant addition to a home to enhance the ambiance of your space as well as create a source of cozy warmth. When choosing the kind of materials you are using to design your fireplace, it is important to not only think about how they will elevate the space to exude your desired aesthetic, but also how well they will stand up to the test of time. Porcelain is the number one choice of tile for a fireplace as it is highly durable standing up well to high temperatures, and is more hardwearing than other types of tile like ceramic. 

Porcelain tiles also offer tremendous beauty and versatility to the design of your fireplace. You can easily use porcelain tile to create a modern or contemporary aesthetic for a sleek and refined fireplace, or you can select tile that creates more of a traditional or rustic feel for a charming and quaint living space. Perhaps you love the laid back, yet effortlessly chic vibe that a beachy ambiance offers. Certain choices of tiles will help you design a hearth in your home that feels easy and breezy, and cozy all at once. 

Let’s explore some of our top choices of porcelain tile to enhance your fireplace. 

City 2.0-Calacatta Renoire

Exuding an air of classic elegance, these stunning porcelain tiles on this fireplace depicted in the image, epitomize sophistication. As its title denotes, this beautiful porcelain tile is reminiscent of calacatta, one of the most famous types of Italian marble known for its clear and distinct, yet soft veining. 

When you purchase natural stone, its pieces will all be unique and look different in their own way with their own distinctive veining as they are natural and derived directly from the earth. As porcelain is man-made, it is common to find copies of the same exact tile featuring similar veining over and over again in tiles simulating the look of natural stone. However, in these porcelain tiles pictured, the veining gives off a very natural appearance due to the fact the tiles feature many different variations of veining.

With its luxurious and sleek white coloration, and grey veining, these porcelain tiles will beautifully complement almost any other tone and style. They will also pair well with most choices of flooring even if the tile of the fireplace is not the same as the tile used in the floor. 

Delight-Graphite Dark

Another elegant choice of tile for your fireplace, these porcelain tiles feature a warmer, darker color, that still exudes the softness of the look of natural stone. Its delicate veining is reminiscent of sedimentary rocks that are typically found in softer natural stones like limestone prior to its being pressurized into marble. While it is a richer and more earthy tone, the white veining throughout lifts its coloring just enough so that it will complement most other styles of marble or natural stone. 

Note that these porcelain tiles also feature a larger size with 24” by 24” dimensions facilitating easier and quicker installation. 

Housatonic-Mix Cold

Perhaps you desire a bold and playful look for your fireplace that creates a focal point in your space. These graphic porcelain tiles feature a fun and artistic pattern that transform your fireplace into an eye-catching centerpiece infusing energy and vibrancy into your room. 

Notice how the tiles feature a mix of patterns, creating an eclectic feel. If each tile was of the same pattern, it would give off a more quaint appeal as well as limit the styling options that would complement the rest of your space. However, as these tiles feature variations of the same pattern, they create a fresh and punchy visual appeal and still offer good versatility in regards to the choices of designs and styles they will complement. Their blue hue with nuanced earth tones also offers a touch of vivid color with enough neutral undertones throughout that will easily enhance the earth tones as well as many other colors as well. 

Italian Studio-Grey Light

This choice of porcelain tiles epitomize a look of modern elegance for your fireplace with their clean lines and light, earthy hues that will beautifully maximize the space in your room. As horizontal tiles are a more common choice, this porcelain with its vertical tiles feels modern and fresh,  helping to visually break up your space, as well as create a more spacious feel to your room by adding height upwards. Their lappata finish is semi- polished with a sandy, natural texture adorned with shiny mineral speckles. adding a touch of luminosity to your space. 

Manchester-Soft Dark

Do you favor the look of a rustic fireplace? These porcelain tiles offer an element of ruggedness combined with relaxed, natural beauty for your space. With their darker color and textured visual appeal, these porcelain tiles almost give off the appearance of wood. You may even have thought they were wood at first glance, but as they are actually porcelain tiles, they will still be smooth to the touch rather than feature the rougher feel of wood. 

Of course, as you wouldn’t be able to actually use wood to surround your fireplace, these are the ideal choice if you want the look of wood for your fireplace. From it’s woody, grained look and dimensions, these tiles are reminiscent of reclaimed wood rather than that of standard porcelain tiles. With their more streamlined, and long appearance, these tiles also offer the benefit of enabling you to easily vary up their orientation, mixing up horizontal and vertical pieces to frame your fireplace as you wish to achieve your desired look. 


This gorgeous choice of porcelain tiles creates a look of rustic coastal elegance for your fireplace with a Mediterranean feel. Its earthy, sandy tones almost exude a beachy vibe and its overall appearance is reminiscent of how a mason would select and assemble a natural stone design. These tiles are a perfect choice if you desire the look of a modern aesthetic with a homey, cozy touch that still feels elevated or to add dimension and sophistication to more rugged or rustic space. With its Mediterranean, heavy colors, it also offers incredible versatility beautifully complementing other light, neutral hues as well as most colors for your choices of styling.