Euphoria - Thin Porcelain
Euphoria - Thin Porcelain
Euphoria - Thin Porcelain

Euphoria - Thin Porcelain

Euphoria is part of the MICROBAN® COLLECTION of products: antimicrobial floor and wall tiles, designed to inhibit the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria.

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Contemporary decorative solutions are gaining new momentum and are transforming into an expressive medium with a strong personality. Small sections of walls can thus become architectural elements that characterize a room and draw attention to it, without disturbing the harmony of the environment. These visually striking spaces lend depth to a room in the absence of architectural interventions to create new walls, wings, or arches. These perspective effects make a wall, with its color and graphic patterns, the standout feature of a room.

This is the case with Euphoria, inspired by interior decoration, interprets wallpaper decorations with slabs made of ultra-thin, large-format porcelain stoneware.

Large slabs measuring 39"x118" in stoneware with fiberglass mesh, thin and light like wallpaper yet strong, resistant to humidity, safe and guaranteed overtime, making them perfect for interior design projects which seek to give architectural spaces a unique and prestigious feel.

MICROBAN® COLLECTION tiles can be effectively complemented by the use of other antimicrobial building materials, such as the tile grout offered by Laticrete.

Material Thin Porcelain
Type Slab
Name Euphoria
Size (Nominal) 39'' x 118''
Size (Actual) 100CM x 300CM
Applications Wall Tiles, Bathroom & Wet Areas
Finish Descriptions

Natural - Opaque and with a tactile quality, this surface has a slightly burnished look that makes it soft and inviting. Particular care in the selection of high-quality raw materials creates a surface with delicate colored effects and with the extraordinary illusion of depth.

Area Coverage 32.29